Spider vein removal

Laser Vein Removal with VASCULAZE

Laser vein removal with VASCULAZE uses advanced thermal energy to alleviate a variety of vascular lesions, such as spider veins and other types of veins that form on the face and legs. Using a specially designed head, the VASCULAZE hand piece precisely targets the vein and penetrates the vessel with pulsed light, disabling its blood supply, causing it to die. Over the course of several weeks, the body absorbs the destroyed vessel and the vein gradually disappears from view. VASCULAZE is ideal for men and women who want to get rid of unsightly veins without surgery or the injection of chemicals.

Free yourself from unwanted body hair with the latest in hair removal technology. We can remove hair from almost anywhere, including your face, chest, back, underarms, and bikini area. Laser hair removal is a safe way to effectively remove unwanted hair and break the cycle of shaving and waxing. This treatment permanently destroys the hair follicle and requires multiple sessions to permanently stop unwanted hair from growing back. Treatment time varies depending on the treatment area, but you can expect at least four treatments to ensure hair is gone for good!