At Biorestoration, we pride ourselves on bringing our patients the most cutting-edge, effective, and safe medical and aesthetic therapies currently available.  In order to do so, we often conduct clinical studies so we can fully analyze the risks and benefits of each therapy before bringing it to our main menu.  
Participants in such studies are given the therapies free of charge and are asked to provide feedback to us throughout the length of the study.
After reviewing the information provided about each study, if you believe you meet the inclusion and exclusion criteria to participate, and you’re willing and able to come to the office as required in the protocol, please contact us so we can get you on the list for further discussion.


Now recruiting patients:

Bioelectric stimulation for erectile dysfunction (MyoStim)

MyoStim ED's Erectistim clinical study:

Who:  Men with erectile dysfunction (IIEF score <22) 
What: Bioelectrical signals delivered to penis during painless, 45 minute sessions in-office.  Sessions are twice weekly for one month.  In previous studies with this technology, >90% of men had improvement in ED symptoms.  
Inclusion criteria: Must be willing to stop taking PDE5i’s (Viagra, Cialis, etc) two weeks before study and during the four weeks of the treatment phase.  Must be willing to complete all questionnaires for up to 6 months after the treatment phase. 
Exclusion criteria:  Active smokers, obesity, neurogenic causes of ED (prostatectomy, spinal cord injury, neuromuscular disease), poorly-controlled diabetes or hypertension, previous diagnosis of coronary artery disease or cerebrovascular disease, untreated hypogonadism (testosterone <300). 
Potential Risks: None known. 
Potential benefits:  Improvements in erectile dysfunction symptoms that may last greater than 3 months 

Ongoing studies (no longer recruiting):

Upcoming studies: