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Everything You Need To Know About Cutera TruSculpt® Flex

We’re constantly seeking out, researching and looking for the latest technologies in aesthetic medicine to bring to our patients at Biorestioration. Our goal is to service our patients with treatments and products that are designed to meet their individual and specific needs, while focusing on meaningful results.

When we sought after an electrical muscle stimulation device, the best technology to serve us and the needs of our patients was Cutera’s TruSculpt® Flex. If you are seeking out a treatment that can tone, tighten and sculpt your body, the Cutera TruSculpt® Flex is certainly an option to consider.

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Wondering what this device is or what makes Cutera’s technology so unique? Here’s everything you need to know:

1. What is the TruSculpt® Flex?

TruSculpt® Flex is a non-invasive muscle sculpting technology that is designed to strengthen, firm and tone muscles on one’s abdominal region, buttox and thighs.

2. How does the technology work?

The technology uses small electric current to induce muscle contractions in these regions (in the same way they do with exercise) to shape the body. What is exceptional is that the contractions that one can expect from the TruSculpt® are more intense than physical exercise which result in increased muscle mass, strength and tone. Something unique about the technology when compared to other EMS devices is that it does not adopt a one size fits all approach, rather it is completely customizable based on your current fitness level, shape and future goals.

3. What makes Cutera’s TruSculpt® Flex unique?

Other EMS devices that target the same muscles superficially, can cause muscle fatigue and damage. In contrast, Cutera’s TruSculpt® Flex uses multi-directional stimulation with three treatment modes, involving different intensities. The three treatment modes use electrical pulses of 2 different frequencies to stimulate muscles differently, and maximize the stimulation. The three modes are:

Tone Mode: this step involves contracting muscles until exhaustion. This mimics strength training and is the step that increases your muscle strength and endurance.
Sculpt Mode: this step involves a fast, deep sequence of muscle contractions. In this step, new muscle fibers are created and muscle mass is increased.

4. What results can I expect?

Increased tone, skin tightening and an improvement in the shape and appearance of the body thanks to increased muscle tone and mass.

5. Who is best suited for this treatment?

Anyone who has a desire to look and feel good is best suited for this treatment as it is highly customizable based on your current shape, fitness level and goals. Those seeking this treatment generally have the goals of eliminating stubborn, unwanted fat and to strengthen and tone their muscles.

Now that you are well-versed in this new treatment, we recommend that you book a consultation in order to set a tailored treatment plan with the Cutera’s TruSculpt® Flex.