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Osteopathic Manipulation

Whether you want to prevent mobility issues or treat concerns that are causing you discomfort, osteopathic manipulation is a service we offer at Biorestoration to ease pain and promote healing within the body. Osteopathic manipulation uses hands-on techniques by an Osteopathic Physician to encourage a patient’s joints and muscles to move by applying gentle pressure, stretching, and using resistance exercises. If you feel out of alignment or “out of whack,” osteopathic manipulation can be used to increase whole-body healing for patients of any age. It can treat:

Osteopathic manipulation may also be used to apply pressure to relieve misalignments, restore imbalances in tissue or muscles, and promote healthy blood flow throughout the body. It is most commonly used to address pain in various areas of the body. It is important to understand that osteopathic manipulation differs from those used in chiropractic care. Osteopathic manipulation uses a wide variety of direct techniques and indirect techniques to address abnormalities in the body rather than just focusing on one area, like the spinal. Patients have seen a faster recovery time and drastically improved mobility through a series of osteopathic manipulation treatments.
At Biorestoration, your whole-body health and wellness are our top priority. This treatment is performed by a trained and licensed professional who has received extensive training in the musculoskeletal system and understands how the body’s systems are all interconnected.