Amberlee Garrick

Office Administrator + Master Aesthetician

Amberlee has always had a love for skincare. She grew up giving her friends facials and makeovers. Her love for aesthetics continued throughout her life and she became a Master Aesthetician in 2017. She joined the Biorestoration family soon after graduation and practices aesthetics and manages the spa and operations on a daily basis.

Amberlee loves making people feel good and witnessing their personal transformations. She specializes in educating her clients on skincare regimens to continue their progress at home.

Amberlee is also a certified lash artist and loves to do lashes at night and on the weekends. She loves making people laugh and she’s really good at making up different voices to fit any scenario.

Amberlee resides in Lehi with her husband Randall. They have 4 beautiful children. When Amberlee isn’t working, she loves to camp, hike, swim, etc… with her awesome family.


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