PRP for Hair Regeneration

Natural Growth Factor Injections (Natural Growth Factor For Hair Regeneration)

Natural Growth Factor Injections for hair regeneration offers patients a safe, effective, and non-surgical hair restoration method. This simple procedure can dramatically improve hair density and health in both men and women. Produced in just a few minutes from a small amount of your blood, Natural Growth Factor Injections contains a mix of growth factors that can enhance tissue regeneration, healing, and hair follicle growth.

Several studies have shown this procedure to be an exciting non-chemical, non-pharmaceutical alternative to surgery for hair regeneration.

A consultation is encouraged before scheduling this procedure since not all patients are candidates for Natural Growth Factor Injections hair restoration treatments.

Natural Growth Factor Injections

Rejuvenating medicine has continued to grow as more ways are found to use natural growth factors in the body to heal from the inside out. Natural Growth Factor Injections injections have been further researched and studied and are highly beneficial in certain injuries. At Biorestoration, we can provide Natural Growth Factor Injections Injections to induce healing within the body using a small portion of your own blood. When you suffer from injuries to your ligaments, tendons, joints, or muscles, your Natural Growth Factor Injections can be injected into the injured or damaged areas to improve and boost the healing process by releasing growth factors to increase the reparative cells within your body.

When your blood is drawn in our office, the plasma is separated in a centrifuge containing platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells. Platelets cause blood clots and house proteins called natural growth factors that lead to quicker healing. Natural Growth Factor Injections has been shown to improve functionality and improve mobility in people who suffer from chronic tendon injuries, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and even fractures to reduce the pain and improve the functioning of the affected joints. Natural Growth Factor Injections has also been used in specific surgeries to help the tissues heal more quickly and can also be used to prolong the need for joint and tendon surgeries.

The procedure itself can take as little as 30 minutes and patients can typically resume their regular, daily activities following the procedure. You will experience soreness in the treatment area and mild bruising may occur. We can provide you with specific post-op instructions to ensure proper healing. The effects of the treatment will be most beneficial after six months, but they are not permanent. You will need to have follow-up appointments periodically to maintain the results.

With a thorough assessment from our expert staff of professionals at Biorestoration, we can determine if Natural Growth Factor Injections injections are the right course of treatment for less pain, faster healing, and better functionality throughout your body.